Over the last few years I’ve noticed that while Vancouver, B.C. is known for the outdoors, many locals don’t seem to know where a lot of it is. Everyone knows Stanley Park, the Grouse Grind, and maybe a few of their local nooks, but anything beyond is a mystery. And the Sea to Sky corridor? Forget it!


Every summer I seem to field the same question from friends and strangers: where did I go on holiday to get so tanned? My coworkers on the other hand, knowing I hadn’t gone away, would be equally baffled. There’s always surprise when I say I just go outside. Isn’t that what happens when it’s sunny?


Of course, not everyone is into being active and I respect that. We can’t and shouldn’t all be defined by a single interest, and I’ll be the first to admit I occasionally enjoy staying in on rainy days, snuggled under warm blankets with a hot cup of tea and a good book or movie. But mostly you’ll find me outside.


When I don’t get my daily or at least weekly fix of the outdoors, I notice my ability to handle stress deteriorates dramatically. Once I’m out, it’s hard not to take pictures because let’s face it, B.C.’s west coast is gorgeous! I’d post them on my Facebook and Instagram for friends and family to see and I’d often get messages asking where I’d gone or how to get there. Occasionally the location takes some explaining, but often they are fairly close by – some you can even access by public transit.

I like to think that people just don’t know what they have and how easy it is to get there so I’m starting this blog to share what I know.

And I challenge you to discover your backyard!

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